Material World

Materials have become one of the key point of Woak’s new dialectic. More and more furniture becomes our daily life mate and make us dream, remember, recall places and feelings. That’s why it is crucial to chase the tactility in order to try to represent life variety and create evocative objects. The naturalness of wood is reinterpreted through the combination with other noble materials such as marble, leather, glass, fabric, copper to reveal a new idea of luxury, which blends past and present, cold and warmth, smooth and rough in a dynamic and refined aesthetic.

A new casting process produces glass with an iridescent appearance

Research made us reach the excellence in the cabinet-making processes, so we decided to go ahead in experimenting with innovative technologies to explore the world of unusual materials. We obtain, for example, a new casting process that produces a special kind of glass with an iridescent appearance that makes it unique in the world and highly exclusive.