New Wherry and Nervosa chairs

Wherry armchair
design Andrea Steidl

Wherry is an armchair with a backrest composed of intricate rounded boards, the result of a refned artisan woodwork. It draws inspiration from the traditional English boats of the same name and the fuid shapes of their oars which, in a transitional game between the shaft and the paddle, are enriched with details. In the chair, the boards are repeated, marking the rhythm of the backrest and harmoniously enveloping those who sit down, as in traditional Windsor armchairs.

Nervosa chair
design Franceso Faccin

Nervosa is a chair characterized by ribs and joints which, as a structural requirement, become its primary aesthetic feature. Every constructive detail of the seat becomes a focal point and, as a whole, a dynamic image is obtained, suspended between tradition and contemporaneity. Solid and sophisticated, it is entirely made of solid ash wood with cutting-edge CNC technologies.

Preview at
Biennale Intérieur 2022
Oct 15 – Nov 14
Kortrijk, Belgium